Tuesday, January 16, 2018

01/08/2018-City Commission Regular Meeting Minutes

JANUARY 08, 2018

The Governing Body of the City of Pratt met in Regular session in the Commission Room located in City Hall. 

Doug Meyer                 Mayor
Lucus Kumberg            Commissioner
Gary Schmidt               Commissioner
Don Peters                    Commissioner
Jason Leslie                  Commissioner

Roy Eckert                   City Manager
LuAnn Kramer             City Clerk
Regina Goff                  City Attorney
Diana Garten                Finance Director
Gary Myers                   Chief of Police
Russell Rambat             Public Works Director
Bad Blankenship          Building Inspector
Jamie Huber                 Director of Electric Utilities
Bruce Pinkall                Recreation Director


The regular meeting was called to order by Mayor Kumberg.  The Mayor instructed the City Clerk to note that all Commissioners were present. 

The Mayor reminded the audience that this meeting may be taped and/or recorded.


Mayor Kumberg led the staff and audience in the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance. 


·        4.1  Minutes     December 12, 2017 Recessed Legislative Meeting
  December 18, 2017 Regular Commission Meeting 


·        Mayor’s Plaque:

City Manager Eckert stated that Mayor Kumberg had performed his tasks as the Mayor faithfully.  Mr. Eckert added that he had worked well with the staff and he was pleased to serve under his direction.  Mr. Eckert then presented Mayor Kumberg with the Mayor’s plaque. 

·        Outgoing Commissioner’s Recognition: 

Mayor Kumberg stated that it was rare to be a public official as long as Commissioner Hlavachick had been.  Mayor Kumberg commented that Commissioner Hlavachick had served the public for twenty-one years in the capacity of Commissioner and/or Mayor.  Mayor Kumberg stated that Commissioner Hlavachick had been a role model for him as a new Commissioner and had taught him what a Commissioner should be, which meant to step back and keep a calm head when necessary.  Mayor Kumberg proudly presented Commissioner Hlavachick with a key to the City for his dedication and support for twenty-one years. 

After receiving a standing ovation, Commissioner Hlavachick commented that he did not know that his family was going to be at the meeting and that was really nice.  Commissioner Hlavachick stated that he had been approached by City Manager George Anderson about becoming a Commissioner after he had retired from the State after thirty-three years.  After a short discussion with Mr. Anderson, Commissioner Hlavachick stated that here he was twenty-one years later.  Commissioner Hlavachick stated that Pratt was a great City and had great people and he encouraged the Commission to keep up the good work.  


City Clerk Kramer read the letter from Pratt County Clerk Sherry Kruse that certified the candidates receiving the highest number of votes cast in the November 07, 2017 general election, which were Doug Meyer and Jason Leslie. 


City Clerk Kramer administered that City of Pratt’s Oath of Office to newly elected Commissioners Doug Meyer and Jason Leslie.   


·        Nomination for Mayor:

Mayor Kumberg stated that there were a couple of things that needed to be said about where the Commission was now.  Mayor Kumberg commented that, due to term limits, a majority of our knowledge base had left and he only had one year left.  Mayor Kumberg explained that it was hard to do a very good job when you were trying to service two jobs; therefore, he felt it was best that someone else take over as Mayor.   

With that being said, Mayor Kumberg asked for nominations for Mayor.  Commissioner Schmidt stated that Commissioner Meyer had been a student of his at the college and he was a student that could worked well on his own, but was not afraid to ask for advice.  Commissioner Schmidt commented that he had observed that Commissioner Meyer continued to be a student of issues and the people that he serves as Commissioner, which were good qualities of a great leader.  Commissioner Schmidt stated that he felt that Commissioner Meyer would continue the tradition of leadership; therefore, it was his pleasure to nominate Commissioner Meyer as the Mayor for 2018.  Commissioner Schmidt continued stating that, in keeping with the spirit of correct parliamentary procedure, he would also move that the rules be suspended and close the nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Commissioner Meyer as Mayor for 2018.  Mayor Kumberg granted the suspension of rules and asked for a vote on the motion on the floor.  The motion passed unanimously.  Outgoing Mayor Kumberg relinquished the Mayor seat to incoming Mayor Meyer.

·        Nomination for Vice-Mayor: 

Mayor Meyer stated that Commissioner Kumberg was the youngest Mayor to hold office on the City of Pratt Commission and it had been a learning experience, which he performed very well.  Mayor Meyer congratulated Commissioner Leslie on his new position and informed the audience that Commissioner Leslie had been very diligent in his attendance to every meeting since being elected and had been involved with all decisions since then.  Mayor Meyer thanked all the Commissioners and added that they were a diverse group and they all brought a lot to the table and want what was right for the taxpayers. 

With no further discussion, Commissioner Peters made a motion to nominate Commissioner Kumberg as Vice-Mayor during this transition year of 2018.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Leslie and carried unanimously. 

·        Designation of Official City Depositories – The Peoples Bank, First National Bank and First State Bank: 

Commissioner Peters made a motion to approve the official City depositories as The Peoples Bank, First National Bank and the First State Bank.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Schmidt and carried unanimously. 

·        Designation of Official City Newspaper: 

Commissioner Schmidt made a motion to approve The Pratt Tribune as the official City Newspaper.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Peters and carried unanimously. 



Public Works Director Rambat stated that there were two terms on the Cemetery Board that were going to expire at the end of the month.  Mr. Rambat commented that Ms. Rita Hitt and Mr. Tom Jones were good attendees and had expressed interest in serving another three years.  Commissioner Peters made a motion to re-appoint Ms. Rita Hitt and Mr. Tom Jones to an additional three year term on the Cemetery Board as recommended.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Schmidt and carried unanimously.


City Attorney Goff stated that this ordinance mirrors the current ordinance with the addition of the 2% increase.    Ms. Goff pointed out that the current ordinance had the salaries for department heads up to $100,000; however, this ordinance increased that to $150,000 to allow for the 2%.   

The following Ordinance 1811 was then presented to the Commission for their approval:  AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE 1617; CLASSIFICATION AND COMPENSATION OF HOURLY EMPLOYEES AND SALARIES OF ELECTED AND APPOINTED OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES OF THE CITY OF PRATT, KANSAS.  Commissioner Kumberg made a motion to approve Ordinance 1811 amending Ordinance 1617.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Leslie and carried unanimously. 


City Attorney Goff reminded the Commission that they had approved the Municipal Judge agreement at the last meeting; however, this contract includes the 2% salary increase.  Commissioner Kumberg made a motion to approve the 2018 Pratt Municipal Judge Agreement reflecting the 2% salary increase.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Peters and carried unanimously. 


·        Biking event: 

Mr. Dan McAnarney stated that he had stopped in to visit with Police Chief Myers about a bike event that was being coordinated by Mr. Eric Sutter on April 28th.  Mr. McAnarney commented that the route would include Pratt, Medicine Lodge and Sun City.  Mr. McAnarney explained that the event would start in Lemon Park and stated that they might need an escort out of town.  Commissioner Peters questioned if Chief Myers would need to get with the County.  Chief Myers stated that he would and they would be taking the route south on Highway 281 and turning on the first dirt road and following township roads after that.   

City Manager Eckert stated that he had visited with Mr. Sutter and, since he was in Kuwait, he had gone over to Wichita to see about getting a fly over with the Black Hawks to start the race.  Mr. Eckert commented that there had to be two original signatures on the request.  Mr. Eckert explained that situation with Mr. Sutter’s absence to the FAA and the supervisor approved the request even without the one signature being an original.  Mr. Eckert added that that part was now complete.  Mayor Meyer stated that these were exactly the events that we want coming to Pratt.  Mr. Eckert stated that he knew of over one hundred being registered already.  Mr. Eckert added that they would be looking for volunteers during the three day event and they were hoping it would become an annual event. 


·        ED Consultant: 

City Manager Eckert stated that Ms. Heather Morgan, ED consultant, was keeping everybody on their toes.  Mr. Eckert commented that he was looking for a lot of increase in opportunities with the direction of Ms. Morgan.  Mr. Eckert added that the City and County had a six month agreement with Ms. Morgan and they might want more. 

·        Sheriff sale: 

Mr. Eckert stated that he had attended the Sheriff Tax sale today and it was good for the City.  Commissioner Kumberg questioned how many properties were sold today that the City had been mowing.  Building Inspector Blankenship stated that there were eight that he knew of. 

·        Next Meeting with Ms. Morgan: 

Commissioner Peters questioned when Ms. Morgan would be back in Pratt.  Mr. Eckert stated that she could be in Pratt tomorrow, but it was not a joint meeting; however, he was more than welcome to come down.  Commissioner Kumberg stated that he thought it was going to be sometime in February before the next joint meeting. 

City Attorney: 

·        Pit Bull Ordinance: 

City Attorney Goff reminded the Commission that they had directed her to report to the Commission concerning pit bulls.  Ms. Goff stated that there were ninety jurisdictions that had some form of restriction on pit bulls and those restriction had begun to weaken since the mid-2000’s.  Ms. Goff commented that a lot of those jurisdictions had taken a different direction by limiting the number per household, having the pit bull sterilized and microchipped.  Ms. Goff stated that she had given the Commissioners a draft of what the ordinance would look like if we took out the language describing a pit bull as a vicious animal and that would be discussed at the next meeting.   

Ms. Goff informed the Commission that it was difficult for law enforcement in Pratt to enforce this ordinance in the City and they were often asked to make a difficult decision, which they struggle with.  Police Chief Myers stated that a majority of pit bulls were non-vicious ones.  Chief Myers explained that, if a person’s pit bull had been taken and they find out about the current ordinance, they often state that they would not have moved to Pratt.  Commissioner Leslie stated that pit bulls were a breed for fighting; however, they could be tamed to be a house pet and a good one.  Commissioner Leslie commented that he would favor the stipulation that they be allowed, but could not be chained up.  Commissioner Leslie added that they were a breed that take a lot of care or they could turn; therefore, he was more in favor of a restriction of not being left outside or chained.  Ms. Goff stated that she was not advocating one way or another and would be happy to draft what the Commission desires.  Mayor Meyer stated that the Commissioners should review the draft ordinance and see what they wanted to do.   

City Manager Eckert stated that there was one jurisdiction that had a pit bull as their drug dog.  Mr. Eckert commented that we would have a problem bringing it in here with the current ordinance in place.   

Public Works: 

·        Bid for truck:

Public Works Director Rambat stated that he had gone out for bids for a new sanitation truck and those bids would be opened tomorrow.  Mr. Rambat stated that they were wanting to see the dollar amount and maybe go with a five year lease.  Mr. Rambat commented that each of the bidding companies provided financing and he would look at that avenue.  Mr. Rambat added that we did have the right to refuse or reject any or all bids.

·        Ditches:

Mr. Rambat stated that the street department had been keeping busy cleaning out ditches and helping the line department clean up trees behind McDonald’s. 

·        Pool bids: 

Mr. Rambat informed the Commission that he would be sending out bids to paint the pool.  Mr. Rambat commented that it needed a good power wash to remove all the paint that was chipping.  Mr. Rambat stated that a local company had been keeping up on the maintenance of the slide. 

·        Sanitation department:

Mr. Rambat stated that the sanitation department chose to work the holidays so they could keep up.  Mr. Rambat commented that City Manager Eckert’s wife had made them cookies to thank them for the job they do.  Mayor Meyer commented that we take those guys for granted. 

Inspection Department: 

·        Casey’s: 

Building Inspector Blankenship stated that he would be doing the final inspection for Casey’s tomorrow. 

·        Dental office: 

Mr. Blankenship stated that the dentist office was getting out of the ground. 

·        Americare: 

Mr. Blankenship commented that the engineer and architect were moving along with the Americare Health Care Company and were anxious to get going. 

·        City Hall remodel: 

Mr. Blankenship stated that the breakroom in City Hall was done with the exception of a little bit of painting around the door. 

Electric Departments:

·        Power Plant: 

Director of Electric Utilities Huber stated that the power plant was almost put back together.  Mr. Huber commented that they were trying to get with Fairbanks to be here by the end of the month because they wanted somebody there to monitor it.

·        Truck Lease: 

Mr. Huber stated that they were looking into leasing a service truck. 

Police Department: 

·        Crime Stats: 

Chief Myers reported on the crime stats for December 2017.  Attached are those figures: 

·        Active shooter drill: 

Chief Myers stated that his department had participated in the active shooter training at the college last week along with EMS and fire.  Chief Myers commented that it went well and that they did have an employee from the college take it upon himself to find the shooter and neutralize him.  Mayor Meyer stated that he had been with Chief Myers and was totally impressed with the officers and how efficient and professional they were.  Mayor Meyer stated that the KBI had done a great job and issues were found, which was what the exercise was for.  

Commissioner Kumberg stated that he had not heard that a person could text 911.  Chief Myers stated that texts and calls come in on the dispatcher’s screen.  Chief Myers stated that they also had the ability to help the hearing impaired.  Chief Myers commented that they did have a little issue not knowing if the 911 calls coming in were the training or an actual emergency call. 

·        900 Block of N. Jackson:

Chief Myers stated that he had been contacted by a lady in the 900 block of North Jackson concerning signs in the area stating that there were impaired children playing in the area.  Chief Myers commented that he had gotten with Public Works Director Rambat and he felt that we could get a sign that warns people to watch for children playing.

Finance Department:

·        Year end: 

Finance Director Garten stated that her department was busy in January with year-end payables, W-9’s and setting up for 2018.  Commissioner Peters asked if they would have the 2017 books closed by next Monday.  Ms. Garten stated that she could get them what she would have, but it was usually the middle of February before bills were all paid. 

Mayor and Commission: 

·        Mark McManaman’s retirement: 

Mayor Meyer reminded everyone that there was a retirement party for Mr. Mark McManaman on the 12th at the Community Center.

·        Pratt Prevention Partnership:

Mayor Meyer stated that he had some information put in the packet concerning the Pratt Prevention Partnership and their event on March 21st. 

·        Welcoming: 

Commissioner Leslie thanked everyone for the warm welcome and added that he looked forward to working with everybody.  

Executive Session #1: 

Mayor Meyer made a motion to enter into executive session for confidential data relating to financial affairs or trade secrets of second parties to last ten minutes.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Schmidt and carried unanimously. 

Mayor Meyer made a motion to return from executive session with nothing to report.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Peters and carried unanimously. 

Executive Session #2:

Mayor Meyer made a motion to go into executive session for confidential data relating to financial affairs or trade secrets of second parties to last twenty minutes.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Schmidt and carried unanimously.

Mayor Meyer made a motion to return from executive session with nothing to report.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Kumberg and carried unanimously. 


Upon proper motion, the meeting was adjourned.




2017 Crime Stats
Feb ‘17 Mar ‘17 Apr. '17 May '17 June '17 July '17 Aug. '17 Sept. '17 Oct. '17 Nov. '17 Dec. '17  
                2   1 Abuse/Dependent Adult
        1 1 1     1   Abandoned Vehicle - Towed
1 3 1 1 5 2 4     1   Animal Bite
  1 1 1     2 1       Aggravated Assault/Battery
    1   2   2 3 1   2 Alcohol
              1       Animal Bite
  2   2   2 3 2 2 4   Animal/Livestock
3 6 5 3   1 1 5 3 3 1 Assault / Battery
    2 4 3 4 1   3 2 2 Assault / Battery - DV
        1             Assist Fire
    2 2 2 2       1 1 Assist Other Agency 
  6 2 2 2 5 1   4 5 2 Burglary - Building
1 1 2 2 1   1 3 3 1   Burglary - Vehicle
  2 1 1 2   2 2 4 3 4 Care/Treatment
      1     1   1     Child Abuse
  1 1 2   3 2 2 1 5 2 Child in Need of Care
3 4 1 3 4 8 10 1 3 7 7 Citizen Assist
            1         Curfew Violation
  1   2   2   3 2 2 1 Death Investigation
7 4 6 10 4 6 2 6 7 3 4 Disturbance
18 14 11 15 11 5 15 26 14 16 7 DL Violations 
3 2 2 2   1 5 1 6 1   Drug Violation - Felony
  4 2 3 1   3 8 5 7 6 Drug Violation - Misdemeanor
    1 2 1 1   1 1 1 1 DUI
                1     Explosives
1 1 2 1   1 2 1 1   1 Forgery / Counterfeit
    1     1     1   1 Identify Theft
      2   2   2 1 1 3 Incident Type Not Listed
18 13 16 14 13 17 18 11 16 13 14 Larceny / Embezzlement / Fraud
5 3 3 4 4 5 2 3 1   1 Lost / Found Property
1             1 2 2   Missing Person - Juvenile
              1       Motor Vehicle Theft
3                     No Type Listed
      2       2   1   Obstruct/Interfere Law Enf.
          1 1         Offenses Against Fam/Children
    2       1         Open Door
4 4 9 10 5 10 11 8 6 8 7 Other Offense
          1     1     Pharmaceutical Theft
4 3 5 8   6 7 8 6 8 4 Property Damage
    1 1 3             Prowler
                  1   Record Entry
  1                   Robbery
            1     1   Sex Crime - Adult
1           1 1 1 3 2 Sex Crime - Child
  3 3 2     1 2   3 2 Specific Request
1             1       Stalking
  2     1 1       1   Stolen Property
    1                 Theft - Motor Vehicle
1     1   1       5   Threat
  1 2 1 1 1 1 1 2   2 Traffic Accident – Injury
10 15 10 18 19 15 13 13 14 21 13 Traffic Accident - Prop. Damage
  5   2 1 2 1 1 2   1 Trespass
  1 2     1 3       2 Violation of PFA/PFS
4 6 3 7 3 8 7 8 3 4 3 Warrant Arrests
  1               2   Weapons/Firearms
92 110 101 131 90 116 127 129 120 137 97 Total Cases
Municipal Court Caseload 
Feb ‘17 Mar ‘17 Apr. '17 May '17 June '17 July '17 Aug. '17 Sept. '17 Oct. '17 Nov. '17 Dec. '17  
82 82 82 82 82 82 82 82 82 82 82 Cases Pending 
1   1 1 2       2   2 DUI
                  1   Wreckless Driving
1                     Fleeing a Police Officer
115  91 69 155 108 54 126 113 97 73 45 Other Traffic Violations
2  3 5 5 2 5 4 3 2 2 6 Crimes Against Persons
4  7 7 6 7 11 3 3 5 5 5 Crimes Against Property
4  4   5 1 1 4 4 13 1 2 Other Crimes
9 4 1 1 1 1   1 2 1   Parking Violations
  1     6   3   2 5   Dog Violations
136 110  165 173 127 72 140 124 123 88 60 Total Filings 
218  192 247 255 209 154 222 206 205 170 142 Total Case Load 
                      Number of Cases Disposed of 
DUI All Other Cases                    
0 77 63 67 160 53 65 67 84 68 58 Guilty Pleas
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0   Bond Forfeitures
0 13 23 21 32 27 31 25 29 13 30 Dismissals
0 1 3 0 2 0 1 1 0 1 1 Trials (Not Guilty Pleas)
                    1 DUI-Guilty Please
0 7 6 4 20 1 15 11 6 4 7 Diversion Agreement
0 98 95 92 214 88 112 104 119 86 97 Total Dispositions
0 94 152 163 7 66 110 102 86 84 45 Cases Pending
                      MUNICIPAL COURT REVENUE
JAN. '16 JAN. '17                    
$10,347.00 $14,544.00                    
FEB. '16 FEB. '17                    
$14,467.00 $16,809.76                    
MAR. '16 MAR. '17                    
$13,793.00 $20,131.74                    
APR. '16 APR. '17                    
$10,000.00 $15,142.00                    
MAY '16 MAY '17                    
$12,678.00 $10,108.00                    
JUNE '16 JUNE '17                    
$11,834.12 $14,798.55                    
JULY '16 JULY '17                    
$10,274.00 $13,421.00                    
Aug. '16 Aug. '17                    
$10,062.00 $15,140.00                    
Sept. '16 Sept. '17                    
$8,840.00 $14,848.00                    
Oct. '16 Oct. '17                    
$9,653.00 $14,631.00                    
Nov. '16 Nov. '17                    
$13,860.00 $18,625.00                    
Dect. '16 Dec. '17                    
$125,808.12 $168,199.05                   Totals